The Lawler Trombone
For the Glory of the LORD JESUS!
 Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm CDT
191 Corder Lane
Flat Creek


Specializing in Small bore Tenor Trombones


In a small shop in Flat Creek Tennessee The Lawler Trombone is made by one guy one at a time from start to finish. My 37 years of making custom brass instruments has led me to make a commercial style small bore tenor trombone for the pro player. Inspired by the popular trombones used in the 1940s' to1950's Jazz and Big Bands has brought about


Each Lawler is made right in my shop. My shop is very much like a brass pro shop of the past. No computerized machines. All hands on manual machines as well as hand picked sheet brass make for a vintage sounding trombone but with modern intonation and feel for a quick response with great fluid slurs. The hand slide is all hand built to exacting standards for a smooth light action. 

The Lawler Trombone has a unique feature of a removable screw bell. This will allow you to change bell flares to accommodate playing style and sound. Bell flares are offered in two thicknesses and three materials. Rim sizes can range as small as 7 inches to 8 inches.
Some of the other unique features of The Lawler Trombone is the comfort hand slide grip. This grip allows for a great no pressure feel in the hand. It helps on long playing sessions.
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Also for superior balance the bell weight is built right in the main slide. No ugly,bulky counter weight.

All Lawler Trombone bell flares are hand spun with our unique flat bell bead or round bead for super fast articulation and sound resonance.
I make all of my bell stems and flares out of the finest hand picked sheet brass.
Drawing Stem
The bell to slide coupling is smooth with no knurling coming in contact with the player. This gives the whole assembly a very Art Deco look.
Why A Screwbell Trombone?
Great Versatility!
You will be amazed at the tone color change as you change out the flares. I did not just pick a spot to cut the flare that would make it fit into a slim case. I spent time figuring out where the cut should be so it would effect the tone and not the blow. 

Will the screw ring add a lot of weight?
No....I have designed it in such a way that it is not even noticeable to the player as far as balance of the trombone. However the ring does have an effect on the response of the tone. It makes it very fast so that articulation is very clean and effortless. The ring also allows for faster dynamic response from soft to loud.
It is amazing!